The History of Dogs

The History of Dogs The domestic pet dog is faithful and brave, smart and versatile. Useful as well as affectionate, the dog guards people's flocks, has fun with their children, and helps them hunt. A caring animal, the dog is known as a trusted companion. Wherever people live -- whether in an Eskimo town, a jungle cleaning, or a congested city-- pet dogs live, too. In the United States alone, about 34 million pets are kept as family pets. Some are mongrels. Others are pedigreed-- for through selective reproducing people have actually developed many unique kinds of pets. In North America alone, more than 120 basic breeds are acknowledged. There has actually always been open warfare in between wild canines and individuals. As carnivores (meat eaters), wild canines frequently compete with people for prey. Individuals may be forced to kill wild dogs in order to protect themselves and their livestock. If kept in restricted areas contribute more good than inflict harm, it has